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Gerle Creek Sunset

Gerle Creek is a hidden gem in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. I used to head to this magical quiet place to swim or canoe, or just to sit and paint. I always tried to time it so that I could be there to witness the spectacular sundown on the creek. The colors as the sun filtered through the trees were simply spectacular.

The framed original is available for purchase, but cannot be shipped as it’s framed behind glass and because of the delicate nature of the pastel.

The original piece is created using pastel on paper.
Framed size: 29″ x 35″ (unframed size is 17.5″ x 23″)

If you are interested in purchasing the original, please contact me.

Prints are also available in a large variety of sizes of canvas, board and more. Gift items featuring this artwork, such as mugs, tote bags and pouches, are also for sale.
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Original Available

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