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Jenkinson Lake

Up in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California, on the way to Lake Tahoe, there is a beautiful little body of water called Jenkinson Lake. For many years, we spent warm days out on the lake, swimming, kayaking, bike riding, and hiking. When my kids were growing up, the lake became our own lovely backyard playground. I have so many happy memories of this lake! When I happened to have time to myself, I would load up my portable easel and all of my painting gear onto a little row boat and head across the lake to the less populated area. I would stand amongst the tall trees and paint in absolute happiness and solitude until it was time to pack up and head back home. I love this painting for the happy memories it evokes.

This painting was done in oil on board, and while the original is no longer available, beautiful prints on canvas or paper can be ordered by following the link below. There are also items such as tote bags and mugs available for purchase.

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